Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Differences toms shoes and bobs shoes

These two types of shoes that bobs and toms only real difference in terms of design and a variety of color shades, different from the types of shoes that look bobs shoe and toms shoes seen from the price, but it all depends on quality materials used to make shoes.
you try to see the picture below.
bobs shoes
Bobs Shoes
Toms Shoes
toms shoes
Evident from the color looks brighter toms shoes than bobs shoes
but the truth is only in terms of color difference. but in terms of disaint similarity in form. bobs shoe shapes are generally more apparent for greater front end of the shoe, but the front end of toms shoes are generally more pointed.but in terms of design is all returned from the tastes of consumers. The most important in the selection of shoes do you like toms shoes or  bobs shoes, but all depends on the suitability of the foot you have and when the shoe is used it will feel nice and comfortable.

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And most importantly, in choosing shoes that you want to use in terms of design depends on the type of shoes that you frequently use. If the shoe is used to leave the office to, or used for sports shoes or shoes used to go on vacation. so all designs of toms shoes and  bobs shoes will design the shape of shoes all depends on the purpose of use.

Another difference from toms shoes and  bobs shoes besides the design, colors are more important that people generally liked the material used, whether the material type of canvas or leather.

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